Oh The Irony: Chelsea Make Antisemitic Allegations

Irony rears it’s head in football as Chelsea have complained about anti Semitic abuse towards thier Israel midfielder Yossi Benayoun according to The Guardian…

I have say irony as years of visiting White Hart Lane have left me in no doubt whatsoever that CFC are by far the worst offenders in this ‘field’ of abuse.

Even David Baddiel made a short film against the use of the word ‘Yid’ which although the film was misguided, the idea was prompted by a fellow Chelsea fan aggressively screaming the word and others I can’t repeat on a family website at Spurs fans.

The Premiership is supposedly the greatest league in the world and so has not only an opportunity but a duty to lead by example.

After conducting extensive inquiries into the nature of the chants, Chelsea have determined that the abuse was antisemitic and have written in complaint to the Malaysian FA.

“Notwithstanding most fans behaving appropriately on the night, we believe Yossi was subjected to antisemitic abuse by a number of supporters at the game, such behaviour is offensive, totally unacceptable and has no place in football.

“The club did not make representations at the time as it was initially unclear as to the nature of the abuse Yossi received, as several players from both teams experienced similar treatment, sometimes louder and longer. However, having taken time to consider the issue fully, it has become apparent that a formal complaint was necessary.

“Our stay in Malaysia was on the whole a very positive experience for all the team on the tour. It is a shame, therefore, that the behaviour of a minority of supporters is also a memory we take away.”

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