Our Top 10 Full Kit *Ahem* Clowns

There is a far better description for those that have seemingly embraced the ridiculousness of wearing full football kits to games or every day life, unfortunately this site is rated PG, so we will settle for the terminology of clown. But you know what we mean. Of course you do. 

That’s right, there is a seemingly ongoing trend amongst some certain zealous football fans, which entails them to wear not just the football jersey, but the shorts, the long socks rolled up, and for some bizarre reason, the inclusion of shin pads and boots. There is such thing as supporting your team just a little too much, and we list the top ten examples of clubs fans who overdo it:

  • Liverpool

A fantastic article linked here showing some great examples of some full kit clowns, even using the correct terminology for them, this pretty much sums up the absolute stupidity that is associated with wearing a full kit. At the very least, wearing a full kit at a game can be mildly excusable as a one off, but when staring at the local bookies doing your best impression of Steven Gerrard, you know it’s time to receive medical help.

  • Chelsea

Can’t help myself here. This is less so looking at the fans who decide to dress up in the complete kit of their beloved club, but more of a single fan in particular. That’s right folks, it’s everyone’s favourite defender John Terry. Going back to the Champions League final last season, Terry was suspended for the match and was forced to watch from the stands, though what happened after Chelsea’s miraculous win is nothing short of laughable.

Terry went to the back, and got changed, not just into his Chelsea jersey and shorts, but he included his boots and shin pads at the same time. Totally laughable moment from the former England captain who lifted the trophy with the cleanest kit on the pitch.

  • England

If I move to Japan, can I change my nationality after a while? This picture will make any grown man cringe with embarrassment,  although this gentleman strides with pride. It’s bad enough that we England fans have to deal with the band churning out the exact same song every 30 seconds during an international fixture, but when you have fans walking around Wembley kitted out like this, you know why we are often mocked worldwide.

  • Real Madrid

As the most well supported club in the world, it’s unsurprising that we get full kit clowns like this one plodding along like a forty year old virgin. The awkwardness of this picture is intensified by the sheer stupidity in this insane fan actually cutting out the picture of himself, and sticking it on the wall like it’s his graduation photo.

  • Tottenham

I’m sure my editor will string my neck for mentioning Spurs, but do have a scroll here, and feast your eyes on some excellent modelling by two obviously devout Tottenham fans. Thankfully they at least passed on the chance to wear boots during these photos, although they still look Spurs pub team rejects.

  • Arsenal

Nothing can really be said about this one, my faith in humanity was officially lost after stumbling across this beauty right here. Thanks Arsenal.

  • Manchester United

Who can forget Karl Power and his audacious, yet successful attempt to pose with the Manchester United team during their 2001 Champions League match against Bayern Munich. If this is the first time you have seen this photo, you may need to do a double take on who the odd one out is, so convincing is his ability to blend in with the team as a full kit clown.

  • Aston Villa

It’s bad enough wearing a full kit out in public, but to go completely retro? That’s just ridiculous. Seemingly drunk while out wearing shin pads, that’s just begging to be mocked, yet another example of some truly awful full kit clowns.

  • Leeds

You thought the Arsenal picture was bad? Ladies, prepare to swoon at this handsome piece of flesh that just screams class. While not dressed in the full kit, having your face permanently defiled by tattoos of Leeds United and England to me, classifies a full kit clown.

  • Leicester

It appears Paul O’Grady decided to join in with the latest fashion trend circulating around football as well. This dashing young fellow comes complete with shin pads and extremely short shorts for those who love a bit of thigh. A terrifying full kit clown if I ever saw one.

What other examples of full kit  *clowns * have you noticed? Which clubs are just as bad for having such fans? Leave your comments/URLs below.

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