Manchester City

Pick Of The Premiership Predictors

Six today and four tomorrow, that’s the split.

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Aston Villa vs Wigan

Difficult to believe this will be a particularly memorable game. Neither manager appears to have either the staff or the wit to produce breath catching football. Wigan played an ugly game against Spurs last week and the Villans need to make sure they have their shin pads in. Prediction 1-1

Blackburn vs Manchester City

There is a proposed ‘sit in’ planned by Blackburn fans due to take place after today’s game. I’m never sure about football protests. But after hearing Keen on the radio this morning saying how he watched Bayern during the week and is planning to mimic their tactics, I am convinced he’s away with the fairies. Prediction 0-2

Manchester United vs Norwich

Welcome to the Premiership then, eh? The Canaries will be on a damage limitation mission here and against a backdrop of several very established teams having been on the end of  total hidings already this term, if they can keep their dignity they will have done well. Prediction 3-0

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