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Premier League TV & Prize Fund Money? We’ve All The Figures

Financial figures have been released regarding the payments issued to each Premier League club for the 2011/12 season. These payments are in relation to TV rights and merit payments based upon each clubs finishing position in the league.

The figures have been released by the excellent Sporting Intelligence and make for an interesting read – giving us an insight on how much revenue is generated from TV rights in this country as well has how they are spread out between each club.

The Premier League attracted revenues of just over £650,000,000 from TV rights purchased from overseas and national broadcasters for just the one season alone. These figures are then divided equally between each club with around £32,000,000 being generated for each side– showing why the league is viewed as the promise land for clubs vying to win promotion to the league and stick around to pick up such financial gain.

Things however couldn’t be much more different abroad in leagues such as Spain’s La Liga, where Barcelona and Real Madrid seemingly negotiate their own specific TV deals with the Spanish FA – taking around 150 million euros each while the other half of the 600 million generated is spread between the rest of the league.

This has been heavily criticised by the other clubs within the league who see it as a massive disadvantage financially for themselves, they also view it to be making the league vastly uncompetitive bar the top two heavyweights.

Focusing back on the Premier League, Liverpool recently voiced their opinion that they too should be able to negotiate their own TV rights separately from the other participating clubs. This however was dismissed by the other parties within the league who view it as a fair way to generate funds for each club and keep the league competitive.

However with financial fair play coming into practice in the coming seasons, teams challenging for qualification to Europe may look at what is happening in La Liga and feel they could also take advantage of the TV rights market.

The likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Spurs and Arsenal could benefit greatly if they were allowed to conduct their own TV right deals nationally and overseas. However this could affect the competitiveness of the league significantly, with bottom club Wolves already currently being £30million off the pace of leading Manchester City in the total payment for the season after finishing 19 places below them.

It is unfortunate that football is no longer completely dictated solely on the sport itself; instead owners and clubs are trying to exploit as much financial gain as they potentially can, something which therefore has a drastic effect on the successes each different club can reach.

Here is to hoping the Premier League stick to their principles on the issue surrounding TV rights so that our magnificent league can continue to prosper.

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Article title: Premier League TV & Prize Fund Money? We’ve All The Figures

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