Premiership Predictor

The Barclays Premiership continues a pace and this weekend throws up very few dull ties and so almost guaranteeing as good Match Of The Day to look forward to.

This week it’s The boy hotspur of Harry Hotspur fame that gives us his take on his pick of this week’s Premiership pops.

Manchester City vs  Everton

There are queuing around the block to watch Bobby Mancs Blue Moon dream machine going through the gears home and away this season. Everton by stark contrast are doing a good impression of a side that will thank good fortune if they can avoid premature flirtation with the relegation scrappers. Prediction 2-0.

Arsenal vs Bolton

Oh dear Lord this could get messy. The two managers might well exchange well meaning handshakes but the fans here will turn nasty at the drop of a hat. For those reading this who are new to planet Earth these two sides have been as convincing as a chocolate teapot this season. Prediction 3-2.

Chelsea vs Swansea

I’ve been banging a drum quietly about Swansea as I believe they play nice football. They do but the also lack bite. Spurs 2.0 I guess. That said, Chelsea should destroy them will we hear the cheers over the visiting Swans singing, ‘What A Waste Of Money’ at you know who?

Liverpool vs Wolves

King Kenny is treading a fine line with fans here. Nobody like a whiner. He has a cracking squad and as manager it’s his job to get the best of them. This ‘we woz robbed but I cannae talk about it routine’ needs to stop and the football needs to start. Mick McCarthy will wanting to nick this. Prediction0-1

Newcastle vs Blackburn

Listening to Alan Pardew all in the garden is rosy. You look at the league table and they sit fourth. Is this down them or the rubbish that many beneath them have been churning out? Blackburn are lurking at the other end of the table and I can’t see them ever improving on that. Prediction 1-0

Wigan vs Tottenham

Spurs win against Liverpool was largely a thing of beauty. But the Tottingham’s weakness last term was the inability to finish of so called small fry. Have Spurs actually got what it takes to hit the Top 4? We will have a better idea come a quarter to five.

Stoke vs Man Utd

Two words spring to mind. Those words being ‘damage’ and ‘limitation’. That said, no better outfit perhaps equipped to baton the hatches than Tony Pulis’ mob. Sir Alex must be delighted with the way his side is shaping up. Prediction 0-3

QPR vs Villa

Queens Park Rangers are a bit hit and miss but a great side to watch. Villa are, I would suggest just a bit hit and miss. This game would benefit hugely from an early goal to get the blood up and both sides really throwing themselves into proceedings. Prediction 2-2.

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