Premiership’s ALL TIME Top 10 – Where Did Your Lot Finish?

We all knew it but the release of the all-time Premier League table simply confirms it…

Manchester United have clearly dominated English football over the last 2 decades and the stats simply show by just how much.

United lead the table with a stunning 78 more wins than any other team. Second placed Arsenal, who apparently have not been regarded as strong contenders by some critics during this period managed 394 wins. You can’t beat statistics though, they speak for themselves.

United’s dominance is second to none and they owe this mainly to Sir Alex Ferguson. The man has been nothing less than a legend for the club with his managerial style famous across the globe, attracting the most elite players to grace Old Trafford.

Not to mention his shrewd eye for spotting young talent, Ferguson will forever be famous for the discoveries such as David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs to name but a few. His teams have rewarded his efforts by securing the Premiership crown a staggering 12 out of 19 times. A feat that is not likely to be matched for many years.

Arsenal have rightly established themselves as worthy runners up being one of the most consistant teams in the league albeit with their little blip so far this season. Manager Arsene Wengers arrival in the Premiership has created one of the most famous managerial battles in the history of the Premiership with Sir Alex admitting that Wenger has been is only worthy advisory.

Chelsea sit quite comfortably in 3rd and most probably have their Russian Billionaire owner to thank for this. Results obviously matter too but Chelsea’s success has only really come about through Roman Abramovichs investment in the club, bringing in highly paid stars for outrageous transfer fees in order to land silverware.

Although, the club has now been overtaken in this department by a certain Man City and its rumoured that people actually like Chelsea again plus their managers don’t hang around very long to be disliked.

Sitting proudly in 4th and 5th are Liverpool and Aston Villa. Both clubs have shown a great deal of persistence at staying close to the top teams with Liverpool being the most successful of the two. Liverpool were once considered a big top four club until Man city came along.

With the Champions league under their belt too they will always have the history and determination to succeed which has made them the likable choice amongst neutral spectators. Aston Villa have had their fair share of managers over the years and always seem to be the “nearly side” of the Premiership.

Dicing with Champions league qualification one season and relegation the next, you never really know what their season has in store. On reflection of these statistics, Villa fans can be positive about their Premiership pedigree looking ahead to the rest of the season.

Tottenham and Everton make up 6th and 7th respectively. Tottenham, Arsenals biggest London rivals, have always been good value for money. With the 80’s being their most successful period, the current team under Harry Redknapp looks in good shape to emulate that very soon.

They have managed their wage structure over the years and always put out a strong side capable of an upset or the complete opposite, conceding lots of goals but entertaining nontheless. They deserve their place as one of 7 clubs to have never been relegated.

Everton too deserve their place in this elite 7. Liverpool’s Merseyside rivals are a pleasure to watch and seem to have good foundations at the club. Their current manager David Moyes currently sits behind Sir Alex and Wenger as one of the Premierships longest serving club managers which is a very good sign of a strong leader. This says it all about the club retaining its unrelegated status at a time when the disposable manager is very popular amongst everyone else.

Newcastle United just hold on to 8th place ahead of Blackburn Rovers. Both clubs have suffered relegation once but it has enabled these famous and well supported clubs to re-establish themselves as Premiership threats having experienced life in the second tier of English football.

Newcastle have been close to winning the Premiership title on occasions with Blackburn themselves having that elusive honour of being former champions in 1995. However the success of these two clubs could just have been the hardwork of one man, the legend that is Alan Shearer. A great England forward, Shearer played for both clubs, winning the league with Blackburn and driving Newcastle United up the league table.

Proppingup the top ten are the Hammers. Recently relegated, West Ham are now on a mission to retrieve their Premiership status once again and most probably will. They have been involved in all sorts of events both on and off the field but have never failed to entertain the fans. They will be back and they can take heart from being in the top 10 of all-time Premiership clubs.

And we can’t forget a brief mention of the eleventh placed team Manchester City. The Blue half of Manchester has seen a lot of changes in the last few years and huge investment into obtaining silverware with no expense spared. Their uprising will inevitably result in them climbing this league table over time and unfairly pushing those clubs above them, clubs that work hard and graft for their staus, down a rank or two.

Despite this, it is evident from these stats that City will have to work very hard themselves to match their biggest rivals United, who lets face it, will remain strong for decades to come. The gap may close slightly but sorry City fans, it will never be quite enough.

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