Proof Chelsea are not boring like everyone is saying

Chelsea may have been copping some flack for being boring but after our punters in the Football Transfer Tavern see this excellent video posted by most of the Blues squad on their social media pages, we think they are anything but.

Didier Drogba even posted the video on his Instagram page with the caption ‘boring boring Chelseaaaaa’ and as our landlord laughs, clearly the players aren’t too fussed about the criticism they’ve been getting from managers like Arsene Wenger.

This superb bit of skill from the players even ends with John Obi Mikel scoring a ‘goal’ and given that’s such a rare occasion, it makes the video a collectors item for that alone!

Chelsea fans. Take a look at this amazing bit of skill from your players.

Chelsea fans. Do you think that you’re boring or just winners who know how to close out games when you have to rely on a 37 year old to lead the line? Let us know your thoughts below.

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