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PROOF that Chelsea are England’s most arrogant team!

Jose Mourinho’s habit of leaving Chelsea matches before the final whistle has been getting under the skin of football fans for a while now.

And it seems finally the penny has dropped with his fellow professionals.

Mourinho was criticised for leaving last season’s 6-0 win over Arsenal before the final whistle and failing to even acknowledge Arsene Wenger – who had achieved the milestone of managing the Gunners for an incredible 1000 games.

The ‘Special One’ gave the pretty pathetic excuse after the game that he likes to leave early to call his wife and inform her of the score which makes you wonder why Mourinho can’t afford the internet or a television at his house.

Strangely enough, he doesn’t seem to leave before the final whistle in games which his team are trailing.

But he tried the same trick on Saturday with his team 3-0 up and cruising against Aston Villa – only to be snubbed by both the rather unimpressed Paul Lambert and his Villains assistant Roy Keane.

Finally, someone has stood up to Mourinho’s level of arrogance!

We don’t think it will stop him doing it again in the near future however.

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