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Protest At Anfield Today – Statement

Tomorrow should be a game where we are looking to get back on track on the pitch. Instead, we will be fighting for our Club, to get it back on track in the boardroom. We, as supporters, have a duty to protect the future of our Football Club. Tomorrow is the continuance of a campaign to fulfill that duty.

During, and after the Sunderland game we will protest.

Today we have seen and heard what the manager has had to say about protests. Our message remains as clear as ever – we will do what we feel is necessary. As supporters we don’t want to be protesting. We want to be talking football not finance, we want to be talking left backs not leveraged buyouts.

Instead, circumstances dictate that we must do all of this – the protesting, the campaigning, the pushing to have new owners. Over three years ago, this “group of people” were watching new signings such as Torres and Mascherano, looking forward to a ‘spade in the ground’ in 60 days that would see us with a brand new stadium, competing with the best in the world, and built in time for Jamie Carragher’s testimonial.

This “group of people” has over 50,000 people supporting what it is trying to achieve, with countless more supporting the campaign for new owners. We are very much anti owner for one clear and unequivocal reason – they have lied.

This “group of people” will protest and will continue to protest, because we have a bond, an unbreakable one with our Football Club. We can’t just walk away. This Football Club is part of who we are, it’s part of who our parents and grandparents are and were, and it’s part of who our children will be. It’s an emotional attachment that cannot be ridden roughshod over by businessmen in the pursuit of greed rather than glory. It’s an emotional attachment that means we will do whatever it takes, regardless of whether it makes things more difficult or not, to save our Football Club.

This “group of people” will always support the position of Liverpool manager. We will continue to demand that the resources of the Football Club are directed towards assisting him in his job rather than being squandered on servicing unsustainable and unnecessary levels of debt.

The protests will continue. To those who say it affects the team performance, our argument is simple and honest – massive debts, crippling interest repayments and lying owners are what is affecting the team. If you don’t believe us, read the accounts. Or ask the players who have recently spoken of the need for new owners. Or better still, ask Roy Hodgson.

It’s our duty, our responsibility, and our desire to bring about change at our Football Club. To rid it of men with no honesty, no integrity and no concern for the Club’s future. Tomorrow, we will carry out that duty.

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Article title: Protest At Anfield Today – Statement

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