Pundit: Arsenal fans will always have the upper hand on Tottenham unless Spurs can do this

The Tottenham fans in the Transfer Tavern are, for once, looking forward to the North London derby this weekend. Given Arsenal’s relative historic dominance over their rivals, it’s often a game that has produced a few nightmares for the Tottenham faithful, but it’s likely to be a different story this time around. Tottenham are in sensational form, whilst Arsenal are comparatively struggling – making this game an enticing affair ahead of time.

One man that has an interesting viewpoint on the matter, given his Tottenham connections, is Gus Poyet, and the pundit has been speaking with the Daily Star about the game. Whilst the onus is certainly on Tottenham to do as expected and win the game, the former Spurs boss has noted that his old club have a long way to go until they are at Arsenal’s level.

Poyet said: “Spurs might have the balance of power but they have to start winning trophies”.

In a slight dig at the Tottenham faithful, he added: “Spurs fans can mock Arsenal and say we finished higher than you in the league and that we are in the Champions League while you are playing in the Europa League. But Arsenal did that to Spurs for years and years – and they won things on the way”.

In truth, it’s tough to disagree with Poyet here. Tottenham have played great football in recent years, and they’re clearly a side on the up, but at present, they have nothing to show for it. When you look back at the teams that will be remembered in years to come, there is one thing that unites them: Silverware. At present, Tottenham simply don’t have enough of it.

That said, a win against Arsenal this weekend will put them in a strong position to finally win something this term, with their form improving seemingly every week.

Landlord’s Verdict

A win against Arsenal used to bring the same emotion as a trophy win for Tottenham, but that won’t be the case now. They’re expected to win the game, and win it well.

The real challenge will come throughout the campaign, with the club expected to challenge at the top in all of their competitions. They’ve made a good start in that regard, but they need to do more.

Tottenham fans – thoughts?

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