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Revealed: 65% of Man Utd fans would rather see this significant figure depart instead of Shaw

The Man Utd fans in the Transfer Tavern were expecting big things from Luke Shaw when he swapped Southampton for Old Trafford. He was arguably England’s brightest young talent, and he looked set to be a surefire hit in the big leagues.

However, a mixture of form, fitness and managerial problems have led him down a frustrating path – and at 22-years-old, the Englishman is a shadow of his former self.

Who is to blame for that is up for interpretation, but Jose Mourinho has certainly played a part. The Portuguese has regularly slammed him in the press, and according to the BBC earlier this week, his latest outburst has left Shaw considering his future at Man Utd.

It would certainly be very dissapointing to see him leave the club, particularly given his potential, but now that looks like the only real option.

However, it appears as though some Man Utd fans have another idea. Our landlord recently asked fans who they would rather see leave, Shaw or Mourinho – and it was Mourinho gained a larger percentage of the votes. 65% of fans have called for Mourinho to quit, whilst just 35% of fans are eager for Shaw to leave the club.

It’s pretty remarkable that the 22-year-old has garnered more support than the Man Utd manager, but in truth, it’s not a massive surprise. Jose Mourinho has always been divisive, but he has backed up his attitude with results. However, at Old Trafford, he has continued to talk and divide fans – but he hasn’t brought the results that fans have been craving.

As such, it appears as though supporters are beginning to turn on him – as these results reflect. It will certainly be very interesting to see how the rest of this saga plays out.

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