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Robbie Keane – What’s The Point? By An Everton Fan

Not necessarily what’s the point in Robbie Keane the person – I’m sure his friends and family cherish him and value his company – more what’s the point in any rumour about him.  He will eternally be linked to Aston Villa every transfer window for around £6-8 million, whoever Villa’s manager may be.

He doesn’t seem to play much now for Spurs, and when he does he doesn’t really contribute much on the pitch.

His brief sojourn to Liverpool – his dream move and boyhood club as it happens – ended in him returning to Spurs with his tail between his legs.

He’s played for an array of clubs, at home, abroad, in the Premiership and the second tier, but is it now time though to call it a day Robbie?  Maybe a move into punditry or management?

Or maybe a stint in the Irish Premier League to complete his playing CV?

Click the image below and see what all the fuss is about!

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