Rodwell’s Mellissa…

A United player within 24 hours?

As Jack Rodwell fever reaches palpable levels of hysteria on Merseyside, let’s take this opportunity to see if the man himself lives up to his name and take a little look a who he’s roddy well been rodding well lately (I know where my coat is thanks)

According to some trashy unverifiable internet sources, his current – or former – squeeze may (or may not) be former Hollyoaks babe Melissa Reeves. Who she is and who she might possibly have played in Hollyoaks is a mystery to even me, but after some thorough investigative journalism I can conclusively verify that she’s a model of some sort and that she might apparently have had some minor walk on part in the soap a few months ago. So far, so ground breakingly thorough and investigative I’m sure you’ll agree.

According to that righteous bastion of civilized society – the Daily Star – Melissa and Jack hit a rocky patch last year when the Everton star became angry after some saucy snaps of her “sizzling” (the Daily Star’s words, not mine) in a racy outfit appeared on the front page of, yep you guessed it, the Daily Star. According to some sources (the Daily Star) the pair consequently broke up, but may have gotten back together again depending on what sources you consider reliable and how much you actually care.

Now just turned 18 (which begs some rather awkward questions about the Daily Star’s vetting policy for cover girls), her greatest achievement to date came in May last year when she was crowed Miss Teen World International UK, a title so bafflingly contradictory I’ve had to open another bottle of scotch just to get my head round it.

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