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Ronaldo Comparisons? Alvaro Vadillo? Hmmnn.

It seems that there isn’t a day that goes by in football today without some unknown kid being labelled as the next Pele, Maradona or Messi.

They’re quoted in every gossip column throughout europe and sometimes without the youngster in question even reaching the first team or playing at all.

The game is changing, youth has become a fashionable and affordable option again for the big clubs in Europe as they look to battle the incoming financial fair play laws and imitate the successful Barcelona model.

Young players across the world now have to deal with the big beady eyes of the biggest clubs staring at them and watching their every move. The youth market is sometimes more intense than the normal transfer market these days as teams are looking to find the best players to invest their future in.

It’s a big pressure on young shoulders and Alvaro Vadillo might just be getting to know how that feels as he seems to be set for a transfer to Manchester United in January 2013 (the Guardian). Hailed as the new Cristiano Ronaldo, Vadillo 18,  is the latest youngster to have been put on a pedestal by the media as the biggest clubs in the world have begun to fight over this precocious talent.

But is he the real deal? or is he just another Gael Kakuta, Francis Jeffers and Freddy Adu. A hefty price tag and a media following is a lot of pressure to put on young shoulders but Vadillo might just be able to deal with it. His frame certainly looks strong enough as he  has the solid stance and rangy pace of the Madrid number 7 as well as all the technical ability you would expect of a young footballer from the hotbed of talent that is Spain.

A quick search on YouTube will show that this young winger definitely has some raw talent and a fare few admirers despite just 28 senior appearances to his name. However to me it still seems a bit premature for clubs to be paying six figure sums on a player that has not proven himself at a decent level.

It’s a gamble to spend big money on a young player from abroad and it seems to be a 50/50 chance whether the said player will in fact make the grade. Potential is all these kids have and it is up to them and the coaches whether they can turn it into talent and success.

Vadillo is already reportedly learning English as he prepares for a move to the Premier League so he seems to have is head screwed on at least as he hopes to avoid the path of other United youngsters like Federico Macheda and Zoran Tosic.

It will be a gamble to sign the young Spaniard but also its a bit of insurance for Manchester United by making sure none of the other top clubs get the opportunity to have a world class player one day.

It’s seems that Vadillo will follow in the footsteps of cry baby and footballing powerhouse, Cristiano Ronaldo by winging his way to Manchester United, but whether he will ever be as good a footballer we’ll wait and see, it’s certainly a case of watch this space.

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