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Rooney Lets His Hair Down

It’s a good job Rooney finds the sound of electric appliances like vacuum cleaners soothing because I have a feeling he’ll be getting a long blast of Alex Ferguson’s famous hairdryer treatment about his recent behaviour, although I doubt very much that this will aid him with his sleep.

For the last two days Wayne Rooney has been on the front page of the Sun for having a late night drinking session and a smoke, something that most of the British public engage in without fail every weekend.

Perhaps we ought to cut him a little slack, surely there’s nothing wrong if Rooney wants to let his hair down every once in a while. After all this is the kind of behaviour professional sportsmen have to abstain from for the vast majority of the year so if he is going to fit a drinking session in this is one of the better times to do it.

Football players these days face a lot of intense media scrutiny but it seems barely a month goes by that isn’t saturated with stories of footballers misbehaving. The antics of modern day footballers are a goldmine of material for comedians just due to the sheer volume of the stories that break about their personal lives.

Whilst I find the pictures of Rooney taking a leak behind a bin outside a nightclub as hilarious as next person, I do fear for the generation of youngsters who have to look up to the current motley crew of football players as role models. Its little wonder the Daily Mail is constantly harping on about ‘Broken Britain’ when there is a generation of people whose heroes are stubbing cigars out in other people’s eyes and sending out dick pic’s to the numerous women they’re sleeping with.

There are a lot of extreme cases in football such as behaviour of players like Marlon King and Joey Barton and I think in a way they damage the reputation of footballers as a whole. I think that it’s unfair to tar all footballers with the same brush though. It seems that the media are always keen to jump at the slightest chance to highlight the negative aspects of footballer’s personalities. I think it’s a little unfair trying to make villains out of national heroes like Wayne Rooney. Rooney may not be a saint, but he is the closest we’ve got to a goody two shoes like Kaka in terms of talent and because he is religious too.

Is part of the problem created by the media who just want to fill column inches and do so by prying into the private lives of our nation’s football players?

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Article title: Rooney Lets His Hair Down

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