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Rooney snubs BUPA!

RooneysIn a week when WAG news was depressingly slow and pointless, it seems some semblance of sanity can be found in the news that Manchester United star Wayne Rooney’s fecund other half, Coleen, is reportedly set to give birth to their child in, shock horror! an NHS hospital!

One wonders what emotional turmoil will be bestowed upon young Waynetta or Wayne Mark II given the fact that they won’t be born onto silken sheets and with a silver spoon in their mouth, but instead will take their chances like the rest of us mortals in the maternity wing of Toxteth General and begin life with a smacked arse and a cup of tea.  

Joking apart, I think it is a fine choice the budding parents have made. Similar to the choice the father has made in stating he wants to be present at the birth. Given their combined wealth, the Rooney’s could have had the baby anywhere they liked. They could have flown to Switzerland and tried to claim back the placenta as a tax-expense, but they’ve shown an uncommon amount of common sense and maturity in this decision and good on them!

Good taste however is always a rare commodity in the world of the WAG and this has been exemplified quite spectacularly with the pictures last week of Stephen Ireland’s girlfriends new Bentley.


Isn’t it just fabulously awful in every conceivable way? Complete with heart shaped stitching on the seats professing his undying love. If ever anyone was in need of a visit from “Queer eye for the Straight Guy” it’s the Manchester City midfielder. Seriously, he makes Jonathan Ross look tasteful.

If you spot any WAG related nonsense, then feel free to let us know below or on and we’ll probably take the mick at some point!

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Article title: Rooney snubs BUPA!

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