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Roy Keane Rants Remembered (part 3)

The One With The Letter

In 2000 the Manchester United board wrote a letter to United fans explaining that Keane’s new £52,000 a week contract was the reason for the increase in season ticket prices.

Keane, being Keane, was obviously unhappy: “”I’m not one for holding grudges but this was a stupid mistake, a bad public relations exercise and something that should never have happened,” he thunders. “I’m still waiting for my apology but I could be waiting a long time. The board have tried to explain what they meant, that it was part of a wider picture of trying to keep the fans informed, telling them the club wanted to rebuild and strengthen, which is why prices were going up. The fact is nobody should be singled out in a letter. It wasn’t right. I felt everything was being laid at my door.”

I like the fact that Keano thinks he’s ‘not one for holding grudges’. Apart from where he stewed over Alf Inge Haaland for over a year then nearly ripped the guy’s leg off at his first window of opportunity.

The One Where Keane Goes All Psychic (as opposed to psycho)

Prior to United’s showdown match with Arsenal in 2002, Keane questions the commitment of some of his teammates and warns – prophetically- that the club risk finishing the season empty handed.

He says: “There are a lot of cover-ups sometimes and players need to stand up and be counted. I’m not sure that happens a lot at this club. That’s the least we should do. We shouldn’t have to demand it from the players – they should be proud to play and give 100%. We’re not asking for miracles. We’re asking them to do what they should be doing. When players don’t do that it’s bloody frustrating. We’re going to find it hard to win the league and if we end up with no trophies there’s something wrong.”

Keane was right and United didn’t win anything that season. He was probably just as happy about it as he would have having won the league. It least he was proven right.

The One Where He Blames The Youngsters

Starting to sound more like he should be on ‘Grumpy Old Men’ every day, Keane now complains about the young players at the club. Them young’uns with their music and Nintendo’s and proud ways!

“We have one or two young players who have done very little in the game,” he spits. “They need to remember that and not slack off. They need to remember just how lucky we all are to play for Manchester United and show that out on the pitch.”

Roy Keane – As legendary at moaning as he was at being a captain.

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Article title: Roy Keane Rants Remembered (part 3)

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