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Shocker: Christopher Wreh to Arsenal

As a football fan, when we use the phrase ‘couldn’t hit a barn door…’ we do not often mean it literally, but in the case of Christopher Wreh, we think it is a pretty fair assessment. But it was not always like this for the man who confused us all.

Constructing worst ever XI sides is always good fun for fans who want to retrospectively piece together miserable memories in the comfort and safety of present time, far beyond the misery of old.

Indeed, spend enough time with Arsenal fans discussing this very topic and you will notice a trend emerging – one that begins with the letter ‘W’ and ends with ‘H’.

Cousin to legendary Liberia forward George Weah, Christopher had the pedigree to suggest he was going to be an alright player when they brought him over to Highbury during the 1997-98 season. As we have learned in the past however, success in the family does not always equate to results on the pitch. Look no further than Kaka and his brother Digao (yes, he has a brother) or Clarence and Chedric Seedorf, for example.

In fairness to Wreh, he actually jumped into that season in pretty impressive fashion scoring some vital winners in the Premiership, which helped guide Arsenal to the title and the winning goal in the FA semi-final. He collected his winners’ medal when the Gunners defeated Newcastle the next round. For all this success, what happened to him the following season was incomprehensible.

If you have ever seen the film Space Jam, you may notice some similarities between Wreh and protagonists; and, if you haven’t, essentially what happens is a bunch of aliens steal the talents of some of the best basketball players in the world, who then become totally useless overnight.

The writing was on the wall when Arsenal signed Thierry Henry in the season of 1990/00.

He left on loan in 1999 to never return, and by 2005 was playing for Buckingham Town in the Spartan South Midlands
Football League Premier Division, in the ninth tier of English football.

Shocker: Christopher Wreh to Arsenal
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Article title: Shocker: Christopher Wreh to Arsenal

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