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Shocker: Junior Lewis to Leicester City

‘Junior Lewis, Junior Lewis, Junior Lewis’, say it three times in the mirror and apparently, a jealous Peter Taylor pops up behind you with a pair of scissors and goes at you. Well, obviously not, but it’s not hard to imagine happening. 

For reasons unknown to the average human being, former Foxes boss Peter Taylor seemed to absolutely love Junior Lewis and signed him for an inconceivable five times during his career, which included a truly disastrous move to Leicester.

Now, it takes a certain kind of player to land a spot on the list of worst Premier League players ever. Someone who is so utterly devoid of any talent or other such redeemable characteristics; who can neither run particularly fast, dribble a ball nor complete the simplest of passes. An individual who cowers in the face of adversity and wets their pants when fans say something mean like, “you’re really, really bad, Junior!” (ok, he never wet his pants).

The big lummox signed for a nominal £150,000 (thank goodness) on a three-and-a-half-year deal in 2001, all thanks to his biggest fan, Peter Taylor.

Quite how old Peter Taylor thought the lanky Englishman was good enough to perform in the top flight is beyond us, but it became very apparent very quickly that he fell well short of requirements (ha, ha, pun/irony). In fact, it shocked us all to realise just how poor he was.

Imagine sending your drunk mate onto an ice rink with a pair of football boots on and asking him to perform a perfect ballet routine. Whilst firing paintballs at him. That’s what it was like watching Junior Lewis. Funny at times, but fundamentally rather alarming.

The deal was particularly bemusing for fans who were exposed to the utter lies and drivel that seeped from Taylor’s smelly little mouth, as he claimed Lewis to be an ample replacement for the missing quality of Neil Lennon.

You weren’t fooling anyone, Peter.

Leicester fans, just how bad was Lewis? Can you think of anyone worse? Let us know in the comments below…

Shocker: Junior Lewis to Leicester City
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Article title: Shocker: Junior Lewis to Leicester City

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