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Shocker: Paul Konchesky to Liverpool

Thankfully for Liverpool, we are a very, very long way away from 2011 now. But, in the same way that we must remember the atrocities committed in the past to learn and grow as a society, we must too remember that Roy Hodgson and Paul Konchesky happened.

It genuinely boggles the mind that Paul Konchesky, a man who currently plays for East Thurrock United in the sixth tier of English football, ever pulled on the famous Red shirt of Liverpool. No, seriously; it’s about as confusing as daydreaming about what’s in space and beyond (take a moment to think – don’t fry your brains like we have, though).

Paul Konchesky stumbled his way into Anfield alongside clown coach Roy Hodgson, which is hardly a surprise really. Having reached the Europa League final together at Fulham, it only seemed right that Hodgson sling his buddy an invite to Liverpool, right? Wrong.

For the very same reason the military doesn’t recruit sweaty basement-dwelling video-game-obsessed teenagers for their highest ranking positions, the incompetent and inexperienced Konchesky should never have been on Liverpool’s shopping list.

Hodgson spent five £3.6m (as per Transfermarkt) of actual real life money on the blue-eyed left-back, replacing promising youngster Emiliano Insua in the process. His second critical mistake – after signing Paul in the first place, of course.

Unwanted by pretty much everyone involved with the club, the London-born full-back was like the weird kid at the party who was invited only by virtue of their parents’ connections. And the fact that he performed so much worse than expected was like that very same person picking their nose and fingering the cake with a mucus loaded hand.

It certainly didn’t help that Paul’s dear mother, Carol, lashed out at Liverpool fans, referring to them as “Scouse scum” on her Facebook page.

She also told Liverpool’s supporters to stop “living off the past” and described Roy Hodgson’s side in less than glowing reference (which to be fair to her was true, they were awful).

Liverpool fans, just how bad was Paul Konchesky? How does it make you feel thinking about your club circa 2011? Let us know in the comments below!

Shocker: Paul Konchesky to Liverpool
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Article title: Shocker: Paul Konchesky to Liverpool

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