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Shocker: Royston Drenthe to Everton

Former Real Madrid prodigy Drenthe has experienced a rather bizarre turn of fate since effectively leaving the Bernabeu in 2012.

Ah, Royston Drenthe. The football prodigy-turned-flop-turned-rapper-turned-flop-again has experienced quite the journey through the footballing world, and Premier League fans were treated to one single roller coaster leg of it when he joined Everton on loan in 2011.

You know, we hate to say it, but for a man who is related to both Georginio Wijnaldum and Edgar Davids, he didn’t half let the side down. Not from a football perspective, though, which is admittedly quite strange given the typical nature of these articles, i.e. us bashing players until they’re nothing but worthless stumps, but because of his rebellious antics off the pitch. And in just one instance (amongst many others, we suppose, his Everton and future career came crashing down).

The Dutchman, who apparently suffered a pretty turbulent relationship with then manager David Moyes, a strong-willed, stubborn Scot who genuinely didn’t take much rubbish from anyone, royally put his foot in it when he turned up late for a squad meeting before Everton’s huge clash with bitter rivals Liverpool at Wembley.

“I was waiting outside the room,” he explained to football magazine FourFourTwo, “whereas I probably should have just walked in quietly and taken a seat.

“When I went in afterwards, Moyes told me to f**k off. I should have accepted it, but I said, ‘What do you mean, f**k off, bro? You f**k off.’ And then I left for Holland and didn’t come back. If I’d adapted more to Moyes I think I’d have reaped the benefits, as initially I did play a lot under him.”

It’s a shame because Drenthe could have been a truly marvellous player for the Blues. All the signs were there. He had hit the ground running with a direct contribution towards seven goals in his opening 10 Premier League appearances, including a thunderbolt against Fulham, and the fans were clearly taking a liking to his direct and fearless approach.

However, as we’ve found with so many players over the years, you can have all the ability in the world, and dance around people like they’re not even there, and score wonder goals like you’re in your shooting into an empty goal in your back garden, but if your temperament and focus doesn’t match then you may as well be kicking a ball around for the local pub team. Or you could take up rapping…

Strange, ey.

Everton fans, what are your feelings towards Royston Drenthe? Was he a flop, or did he genuinely produce for the club? Let us know in the comments below!

Shocker: Royston Drenthe to Everton
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Article title: Shocker: Royston Drenthe to Everton

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