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Shockwaves: Seamus Coleman to Everton

Republic of Ireland international Seamus Coleman is the holy grail of bargain buys.

Ah, good old Seamus Coleman. We wouldn’t be surprised if David Moyes won him on eBay. That’s how ridiculously cheap he came.

What could £60,000 (per Transfermarkt) buy you in today’s market? A hair from Alexis Sanchez’s strange little moustache? One of Eden Hazard’s boots? Maybe, if you’re lucky, a toenail from Sergio Aguero. Well, back in 2009 it would have bought you a brand new Seamus Coleman.

There are very few players currently operating in world football who encapsulates what it is to be an Everton star quite like our man in question.

While there are so many facets to his immense game that simply cannot be refined to a few hundred words, we’ve got to say that the thing that stands out the most, and makes Seamus Coleman such a truly special individual, is his ability to attack and defend ridiculously well. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, not as easy as you’d think in the modern game.

Indeed, like a top-heavy gym enthusiast who’s skipped leg day one too many times, there is a major imbalance to the contemporary full-backs game. Yes, they can pretty much attack as well as a winger nowadays, and yes “attack is another form of defence” blah, blah, blah but more often than not their weakness at the other end of the pitch is quite frankly pathetic. You know, where they’re actually commissioned to play. But not Coleman. Oh no. Seamus Coleman is the Mr. Olympia of the footballing world, not the weekend offender training for Ibiza. He is a man who can do both. Just think back to the immense 2013/14 season, for reference.

Evidently, the 30-year-old’s formative years as a Gaelic footballer have served him well since making the move to the beautiful game. Coleman is quick, powerful and brutish but in a controlled sort of way. He goes about his business on a weekly basis with the same amount of grit and guile as when he first burst onto the scene. And that’s why supporters love him.

Everton fans, quite simply – why has Coleman been so good for you? Let us know in the comments below…

Shockwaves: Seamus Coleman to Everton
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Article title: Shockwaves: Seamus Coleman to Everton

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