Shockwaves: Shaun Goater to Manchester City

In an age before Sheikh Mansour’s petrodollars blasted Manchester City into global stardom and success, cult heroes like Shaun Goater ruled the roost.

Feed the Goat and he will score.

For six amazing years, a star hailing from the most unlikely of locations, captured City hearts in the most incredible of ways.

It’s funny actually, that a fondly remembered icon should have started his career in such a disastrous fashion. He spent his early months at the club hitting row-Z and the poor unsuspecting stewards poised precariously on their benches to the side of the goal more than the back of the net, despite making lofty claims that he would hit 25 goals a season like he had done at his former clubs. City fans, unsurprisingly angered by their cups of tea being splashed square in their face by one of his wayward efforts, weren’t afraid to let him know how they felt from the standard.

However, we’re suckers for a comeback story in this game, and boy did the forward hand us a steaming hot one on a plate of gold.

For four consecutive seasons, between 1999 and 2002, Leonard Shaun Goater finished as Manchester City’s top goalscorer. But sometimes statistics only tell half the story. They tend to ignore the magnanimous efforts, impassioned games of utter dejection and jubilation; the gut-busting runs from attack to defence and back again. The willingness to give it all for the badge and more.

Ah, yes. November 9, 2002 – what a time to be alive.

In what proved to be the final battle between Manchester City and Manchester United at the iconic Maine Road ground, Shaun Goater reminded City fans just why he was going to go down in the annals with two oh so sweet goals.

Manchester City fans, do you remember the days of Goater? Do you prefer your club how it is now or how it was ‘back in the day’? Let us know in the comments below…

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Shockwaves: Shaun Goater to Manchester City
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