Manchester United

Should this video be shown to this Manchester United star?

Diving has become part and parcel of the game in recent seasons, and it seems there is no way in which to cut it out.

Even players who get caught such as Manchester United’s Ashley Young and then condemned by the likes of Steve Bruce or David Moyes can’t seem to help themselves.

But there may now be a way in which to finally bring all the diving madness to an end, thanks to a video that has emerged from an obscure Sunday league fixture somewhere.

Anyone who thinks diving is still a good idea should have a look at the reaction this effort produces.

Not only does he get a kick in the head for his troubles, but the game is abandoned after a pitch invasion by angry supporters.

Not a good look for anyone involved if truth be told – the only one who seems to realise how ridiculous the whole scene has become is the number six stood on the edge of the box.

Given footballers care so much about their appearances, should this video be used in a campaign to stop diving? Anyone got any better ideas?

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