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Sons Of Anfield!

This came in this morning and I think it’s very credible and well worth supporters of Liverpool and indeed other Premiership clubs giving their respect and support.

Last season the so called greatest football league in the world began to emit a noise more dreadful than 1 million vuvuzelas. It was was the sound of chickens coming home to roost.

Portsmouth took no-one by surprise and went pop. Manchester United, despite a team of expert window dressers headed by David Gill have been revealed as part of a financial black hole. Robaldo’s transfer fee appears to have been spent on keeping a shopping center in Ohio open.

Make no mistake, Liverpool Football Club have been touched by the wand of the same Fiasco Fairy. Rafa may have had many of you debating his individual pros and cons as a manager, but his departure wasn’t due to ‘some of you not quite altogether agreeing with his rotational policy’, he’s done the off because he knows more than you and I.

But unlike you and I, he does this for a living. Us, we’re in deep. this isn’t a job. It’s  a way of life, it’s a tribal thing. We can’t just move to ‘another one’ if things go sour.

When you have trouble with your parent or your child, you can’t just walk away. You can kid yourself you have, but you haven’t really.

March of the Sons of Anfield is an inspired move. The problem with wearing a Norwich scarf is that the message ultimately gets diluted. Are you telling me that every single person, including some of our friends visiting Old Trafford from deepest darkest foreign climes are aware of the scarves’ significance?And if the official Club isn’t selling their own version yet, mark my words, they will be.

All you need to understand this message is a pair of ears and a heart. It’s just sprung to mind that my brother would be an ideal candidate for this task. He’s a Liverpool fan who can be as soppy as a sandcastle and in a certain light looks like a taxi with it’s doors open.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on. Press play, follow the links and get involved. Send the links to your friends. Get this out there and get it on the terraces. Get these people who know nothing and care nothing about football out of your Club and get it done as soon as you can.

All credit to RAWK’s Terry De Niro.

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Article title: Sons Of Anfield!

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