Sponsored Video: Just 100 days to go before the Premier League returns!

just100daystogobeforethepremierleaguekicksoffIs anybody else bored without football right now? Yes, the World Cup is only 20 days away now but following Arsenal’s FA Cup triumph last Saturday, the craving for midweek fixtures under the lights has been well and truly left unfulfilled.

Fear not; tomorrow serves up a treat with the Championship Play-Off Final and Champions League Final all occurring on one supreme Saturday but what’s more; the new 2014/15 Premier League campaign is roughly 100 days away.

Just 100 days! With the World Cup taking up a large chunk of that period, not to mention some of the biggest transfer stories happening and rumours to boot, the average football fan will find this summer easier to cope with than most!

So what’s it to be; 100 days to relive missed opportunities, past failures and general sadness at missing out on a certain player or will it be a toast to a new campaign, new optimism, new beginnings and a fresh start?

It’s a long ol’ summer but nothing a a nice cold beer can’t sort out. That calls for a Carlsberg…

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