Manchester United

Spoof: A quick look into the mind of a Manchester United supporter!

The beautiful thing about the Football Transfer Tavern is that it brings all football fans together and it is great overhearing some of the debates the punters have. However, sometimes the passion does spill over and that is exactly what happened last night.

A Manchester City fan came into the tavern clearly under the influence and started parading around waving something he called (I may have removed one or two of his more, erm, colourful words) a ‘typical Manchester United flow chart’.

Well, that was it, it all kicked off; bar stools were thrown, punches were swung and someone even tried to pick up the jukebox and lob that!

Thankfully my landlord waded in, broke it all up and threw out the culprits (I’m useless in those situations).

Anyway, I managed to grab the now infamous Manchester United ‘flow chart’; while giving it a glance as I get ready for work. I have to go in earlier today to help tidy up last night’s mess!


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