Spoof: Arsenal ace appears in another box office smash hit!

I have one golden rule in the Football Transfer Tavern and that is ‘all bets must be abided by and settled’ as there is nothing worse than a punter going: “Oh no that doesn’t count, we didn’t shake on it”.

Sadly, for me, I have fallen victim to my own rule.

Apparently, at the end of last season, a punter bet me that Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey would get a minimum of eight goals next season and me, being a harsh critic of the Welshman, laughed and (stupidly) bet him a pint that he wouldn’t.

Well, this punter has just rocked up at the tavern with a huge grin on his face, asking for his pint and holding a new poster for me to display behind the bar. Being a man of my word, I have agreed to display the poster of Ramsey as Rambo for 24 hours (and not a minute more).

After all, the former Cardiff City man is in incredible form and it is about time the Spurs punters moved on and let me take down the poster of Gareth Bale.

Aaron Ramsey Rambo

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