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Spurs ace faces police investigation

BenoitAssouEkottoTottenham Hotspurs full back Benoit Assou Ekotto faces a police investigation and a club enquiry over the events at the end of the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers at the weekend. CCTV footage of the incident purports to show the Tottenham defender striking out at a Spurs fan who allegedly yelled “You’re sh*t!” at the defender as he left the field following Spurs 1-0 home defeat to Wolves at the weekend.

The footage of the incident, while hardly conclusive, shows Ekotto leaving the field following the game when his attention is caught by the fan. Ekotto and Tottenham’s assistant manager Joe Jordan both move over to confront the fan and after a few seconds Ekotto is seen to seemingly lash out an arm towards the fan, before he is bundled away from the incident by Jordan.

Quite wonderfully, the Sun spoke to an eyewitness who stated quite brilliantly and without a trace of irony;

“The fan just leaned over and shouted ‘you’re s***’.

“It was no more offensive than that – and it was fair after the way he had played.

“But the next thing you know Assou-Ekotto was confronting the fan and had to be pulled away.

“It was out of order and everyone around us was stunned. It’s lucky things did not become more heated.

“Ekotto deserves to be hit with a big fine – and if he can’t be bothered to make more effort in future then he should not play for us again.”

This is where football fans baffle me. They expect their players to show unstinting loyalty to their club, to kiss the badge and talk about how wonderful the fans are and yet the fans then see it as perfectly alright to turn on one of their players after a loss and yell obscenities at him.  That somehow paying £30 or £40 entry fee gives them the right to verbally abuse another person. They are allowed to of course because footballers “should expect it” and “they earn enough to cope with it” and all other such boring bollocks trotted out by pig-ignorant morons who cannot conceive the notion that somebody else may not agree with their point of view and that if anyone disagrees or doesn’t perform as well as they could,then they should be abused verbally.

I don’t condone Assou Ekotto’s actions, but by the same token, the laughable defence by the “eyewitness” of the fans behaviour is endemic of the Neanderthal nonsense spouted by some fans in the name of “loving their club” or whatnot. Please. Get a grip, get some perspective. Grow up. You lost, Ekotto didn’t play well. I’m sure he is well aware of that without you spitting your bile at him.

What will happen now is that the police will investigate the matter, Ekotto will be charged with a minor offence, a fine paid, the club will discipline him internally and the fan will probably be lauded as the victim. In much the same way as the poor Arsenal fans were the victim of Emmanuel Adebayor and his evil celebration in front of them

Being a fan isn’t about you abusing your own players, or other teams, because you feel it is your right since you’ve paid for your ticket. There’s support, there is criticism and every fan has a right to those. Abuse they do not, and when what they do provokes a response, they are the first to go crying to officialdom whining about the injustice of it all.

One would hope the police investigation would cite the cause of the incident. Let’s face it, without this idiotic fan there in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened. Maybe the investigation should also look at who caused the incident and whether abusing someone is perfectly fine because you’ve paid for a ticket?

However it does make a change for Spurs fans to read the words Spurs and Police Investigation in the same sentence and not have the article about their manager, so at least there is that solace to take from the weekends events.

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Article title: Spurs ace faces police investigation

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