Spurs In For BIG Former Arsenal Striker

‘Cat, have you been formerly introduced to …Pigeons?’

Whilst I was trapped on a series of not only slow but also buffet-less trains out of York today …wondering if the absence of windows was air conditioning related or simply to prevent escape, the world was turned upside down and violently shaken like a …well, a snow shaker.

Another take on events is that I read this Tweet courtesy of The People‘s Lee Harpin.

‘Adebayor to spurs! Surely not!’

And so that is where I am this Sunday evening. Staring at something that might very well fall gracefully into a guilty pleasure category.

Adebayor for me has always been an eye catching talent. When he was at Arsenal he was a menace. An absolute menace. He had a frame none too dissimilar to Crouch’s but was always, at least always more, well… he was a bit more gainly.

Could this crazy suggestion actually work for you, any of you? Adebayor to The Lane? I say yes. I’ll try anything once. Mind you, I’ve been trying many things once ever since.

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