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Statistic Prove The Truth About Walcott

So, Walcott ended up missing out on a World Cup place. Personally I didn’t think he should go, though I did expect him to.

At only 21-years-old he can still have a prosperous international career and hopefully progress a stronger and better player. However, I simply didn’t believe he merited a place now, for reasons previously stipulated; thus not requiring tedious, protracted repetition here (see Walcott, Lennon or Wright-Philips, if you so desire)

So, having focused on the qualitative, and with Capello’s subsequent decision spawning a right flutter of feathers, let’s have a quick look at the quantitative; the cold, hard, dull facts.

Of course we all know statistics can be twisted and skewed to prove any old thing. So don’t trust anything: we’re trapped in an Orwellian autocratic nightmare, being force-fed endless, meaningless ‘facts’ to keep us docile, bemused and compliant – I suggest you take these statistics and shove them up someone’s arse (mine, yours, your neighbours, anyone’s).

Nonetheless, here are some sound statistics from the Ministry of Truth:

Walcott: made 23 club appearances this season, scoring 3 goals, making 2 assists

Aaron Lennon: 22 appearances, 3 goals, 10 assists

Shaun Wright-Phillips: 30 appearances, 4 goals, 8 assists

Walcott: Overall 11 England caps, scoring 3 goals

Aaron Lennon: 17 caps, scoring no goals

Shaun Wright-Phillips: 31 caps, scoring 6 goals

Living standards in Oceania are rising

The proletarian infant mortality rate has dropped by 20 percent

The quota for bootlaces has been over-fulfilled by 98 percent

So on, so forth…

There you go then, undeniable statistics. Yes, yes, I know other factors and variables are also vital (injuries, all-round play) but, as stated, these have been discussed previously. Do what you want with these statistics, infer what you will (i.e. this seasons form compared to overall international success; Walcott less productive this year but boasting more England goals than Lennon from fewer games). I’m just leaving you with the facts, the facts! FACTS! NEVER QUESTION THE FACTS!

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Article title: Statistic Prove The Truth About Walcott

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