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Stoke City captain subject to hilarious PR move

shawcross.jpgRegulars at the bar here in the Transfer Tavern are roaring with laughter this morning, after the Metro have reported that Stoke City defender, Ryan Shawcross, was given a years supply of… Deodorant!

The robust Centre back was presented with the safety package from Dove Men’s healthcare at last night’s Radio Stoke Forum.

All of this has of course come about from Shawcross’ clash with Chelsea’s striker Diego Costa. Indeed, when the Spain striker struggled to get the better of Shawcross, he simply resorted to trying to tell him he suffered from horrific body odour instead.

Despite Costa’s best efforts, Shawcross remained unfazed, and managed to help make sure that Chelsea’s own season continued to stink, as they suffered their seventh loss this season in a 1-0 defeat to the Potters.

Many, however, seemed to enjoy the funny side of Costa’s childish act to Shawcross. This also included his wife, Kath Shawcross, who got over 6000 retweets on her tweet that said ‘made sure Shawcross put on his deodorant this evening’.

So with Shawcross unlikely to smell again anytime soon, it seems that very much like the game on Saturday, he got one up on Diego Costa once again.

How good was Shawcross against Chelsea this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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