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Sumner Loving, Happened So Fast..

Cassie Sumner is a model. Perhaps not of the Super variety, but certainly one that has made a pretty decent career out of, er … modeling.

Her working credits include Page 3, Zoo, Nuts, Playboy, Loaded, Penthouse, Max Power, Front, Express, Star and The News Of The World. Cassie shot to fame beyond that particular sphere of entertainment by dating Chelsea’s Michael Essien, but also featured in WAGS Boutique, The Dream Team and Al Murray’s Happy Hour.

But it was her fling with Essien that ruffled a few feathers.

It was the outraged girlfriend of the Chelsea star Michael EssienĀ  that discovered he was cheating on her with Ms Sumner.

Gorgeous Lurata Murati, 26, is livid with the randy soccer ace who she’d been dating since the summer. Lurata stormed: “He’s a lying, cheating b******. He thinks because he is this big football hero he can treat women with contempt. When I asked him about this girl he just kept saying ‘It’s rubbish, it’s rubbish’ while laughing down the phone as though it was no big deal. I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping with this man who was happy to see such a trollop. Now I just want to put Michael Essien out of my life.”

The killer quotes continue, this is what Cassie had to say about the footballer…

“When you’re with a footballer who thinks money can buy everything, you’re expected to have kinky sex whenever they want, do whatever they want, be at their beck and call 24/7. He loved me to wear white lingerie because he’s obsessed with being clean.”

“He said white was virginal and was what girlfriends should wear. The same went for where we had sex. It was always on crisp white sheets on his bed and never anywhere else. I’ve got to be honest, sex with Michael wasn’t fantastic. In fact towards the end of our relationship we only did it once every three months.”

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Article title: Sumner Loving, Happened So Fast..

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