Manchester United

Super Mario’s Super X Files

Betty Kourakou, la modelo griega que lo tiene inspirado a Mario Balotelli. Super Mario eh? Well he can certainly be as animated his pixilated namesake here then may we present two of his most recent squeeze’s. Barbara Guerra and Betty Kourakou.

Barbara is described across the board in Italy as as a ‘showgirl’. That’s some phrase, probably last used by the English somewhere towards the end of the 1960’s. Betty is a model and by descent Greek. So she is known as a Greek Model. This phrase is still used profusely by the English, but usually on cards left in telephone boxes in the Berwick Street area of London.

The new multi-million pound City signing was all bling and ‘I’m not a bad boy’ when unveiled at Eastlands. Which can only have¬† served to poise the response, ‘surely that’s the first thing a bad boy says?’ Time will tell and as cutting as quotes from The Special One might be, one thing is for certain and that is Roberto Mancini is no pushover and if he doesn’t behave himself he’ll may well end up gangster trppin’ his way into the Championship …like Boyo Bellamy.

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