Take It Like A Celeb Fan! – John Bishop vs John Parrott

Celebrities are people too! They’re just like you and me! They like going down the pub and having a laugh, just as much as the average nobody…sorry, member of the public! Except when you’re down the pub, you don’t get the manager to cordon off one corner so you and all your mates can sit and guzzle champagne whilst the other patrons stare at you with barely disguised jealousy. But there’s no need to be jealous, because they’re just like you and me…only famous!

Some celebrities even like football! Yeah, that’s right! You won’t be standing behind them in the queue for the gents at half -time, but they still follow the game as much as you. But which club has the best celebrity fans? Here at Football Transfer Tavern, we’re all about the hard-nosed journalism stuff, but sometimes you need to have a little filler. So, without further ado, here’s 5 derby style celebrity match-ups to see which club has the best celeb support…

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John Parrott vs John Bishop. It’s the battle of the Johns on Merseyside! Parrott is a big fan of the Blues, and has followed them since the days of Howard, Kendall and Ball. Things got a bit more personal for the snooker legend, and former Question of Sport captain, when his sister married renowned Everton hard-man, Duncan Ferguson.

Bishop, on the other hand, is a Koppite. Though he grew up in nearby Runcorn, Bishop was born in Liverpool and has supported the Reds since he was a lad. He missed the chance to go to see the famous Istanbul fight-back, and has gone on record to say how much he regrets it. Though not related to any Liverpool players, he has been mistaken for Jamie Carragher (and Bez…from the Happy Mondays.)

WINNER – Tough one to call. Like their teams, Parrott’s most famous victories are in the past, whilst Bishop’s currently got the world at his feet. However, being related to Duncan Disordely is pretty impressive….Parrott scrapes it.

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