Tavern’s Top Totty – Chelsea captain still hanging on to stunner

Toni PooleMarriage vows seem to actually mean something to hot WAG Toni Poole unlike her husband and Chelsea captain John Terry.

The list of sins is building for the former England defender with racism, cheating and alleged assault just a few. Terry is unpopular with basically every set of supporters apart from those of Chelsea and you can see why.

Toni Poole looked set to leave her husband after his lengthy affair with a team-mates wife in 2009, but the couple already had two children and Terry was even named ‘Dad of the Year’ by a Daddies Sauce survey just before the affair came to public light.

Poole is not your stereotypical tavern Totty as she isn’t a glamour model, but despite having two children and enough stress in her relationship to last a lifetime, the London-born hottie is still looking on top of her game. If only her husband was.

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