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Taverns Top Totty – David De Gea’s girlfriend has the X factor

Edurne García AlmagroDavid De Gea has come in for a fair share of criticism since his move to England in the summer of 2011, but still wears the expression of a man not overly concerned by anything going on around him.

Perhaps that has something to do with the Manchester United  goalkeepers girlfriend – Spanish pop ‘sensation’ Edurne Garcia Almagro. Knowing he has her to go home to must make any sort of criticism thrown at him much easier to take.

His 27-year-old girlfriend first shot to fame in 2005, coming sixth on the Spanish version of The X Factor. Despite not winning, Edurne has managed to launch a music career and is well known in her home country for pop classics such as ‘Illusion’ and ‘Premiere’, although unlike her 21-year-old boyfriend, she is yet to earn a number one spot.

The statement ‘opposites attract’ comes to mind with this couple. De Gea is quiet and reserved, whilst Edurne enjoys the spotlight. De Gea’s favourite genre of music is heavy metal, whilst his other half is all about pop.

To be fair to De Gea, most men would be willing to look past their girlfriends’ distinctly different tastes with looks like she possesses.

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