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The Dreaded Vote Of Confidence – So We’ll Give Him A Month Then…

Following Monday night’s embarrassing defeat to Liverpool, Gerard Houllier commented on how he didn’t mind losing to Liverpool as he likes them.  An obvious statement you might say being as he managed them for 6 years and won 5 major trophies there, but one which didn’t need saying and which understandably enraged Villa fans.

As the events unfolded, Houiller’s bosses Randy Lerner and Charles C Krulak (both equally brilliant names) were forced to speak out, first to placate the irate Villa fans, then to defend their manager.  As almost an afterthought, how much can be read into their vote of confidence for Houllier?

The non-executive Director Krulak said:  “Those who are looking for Gerard Houllier’s head, who are asking that he be fired, have the right to feel that way – they buy the tickets and can say what they want.  At the same time, Randy and the board need to keep focused on the overall goal and we believe that Gerard Houllier plays a key role in achieving that goal.”

Not much of a backing, eh?

The tale ended with an apology from Houllier, and even a victory over local rivals West Brom on Saturday, but how much of the damage has been done?  To the fans by their manager, the board from the fans and from both groups to Houllier himself?  Will the Frenchman – originally a strange appointment anyway – make the end of the season?

If the Chris Hughton saga has taught us anything, it’s don’t annoy your boss.  Even the slightest little bit…

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Article title: The Dreaded Vote Of Confidence – So We’ll Give Him A Month Then…

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