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Cristiano Ronaldo: The guy ain't honest

It seems that the modern game of football is the only career in the world where you can blatantly lie to the public and never get questioned about it.

Players, and managers for that matter, can say one thing one week then do the complete opposite the next. What is infuriating to the watching public is that these lies never ever get mentioned again. As a paying football fan, you pay these multimillion pound salaries through season tickets, merchandise and Sky subscriptions, and in return you get lied to, patronised and treated like a fool.

Examples like Cristiano Ronaldo amidst the speculation linking him to Real Madrid in the summers of 2008 and 2009 make the blood boil. This lad was a hero to millions of Manchester United fans all over the world, and all he did was take the p*ss.

After winning the Champions League in May 2008 Ronaldo confirmed to a BBC reporter, on the Moscow pitch, that he would be staying. In June during the 2008 European Championships he then said ‘he didn’t know where his future lies’ and that ‘he would not discuss his future until after the tournament’. After playing a group game for Portugal, only days later, he was again questioned on his future in a post-match interview. This time his answer was: “I enjoy playing in a white strip……of Portugal of course.” How very droll.

What he didn’t seem to understand, more likely care about, is that United fans were genuinely worried they were going to lose the best player in the world to one of their biggest rivals. A straight answer from the start could have saved a lot frustration and anger for a lot of United supporters. Instead the lad makes contradictory remarks and stupid misleading comments, ‘cause let’s face it, he loves the attention. Cristiano Ronaldo fell in love with himself at first sight, and it’s a passion he’s indulged ever since.

After being convinced to stay for another season he tops it off by telling MUTV in the summer of 2009 that he has no intention of leaving Manchester for Madrid. 3 weeks later he’s being paraded round the Bernabeu.

So why wasn’t he questioned about his blatant lies? Just once it would be nice to see a reporter ask: “Is there any apology you’d like to make to your previous clubs supporters for lying to them from start to finish?” Rather than the bog standard:” how do you feel to be at (insert club here)?”

‘Cause whether it’s Barca or Bournemouth, it’s always been the players ‘dream’.

Of course not all players are the same, some are refreshingly honest and down-to-Earth. Some.

Mangers however are particularly prolific when it comes to telling porkies. Let’s not forget, during the Ronaldo-Madrid saga Alex Ferguson famously said:”I wouldn’t sell that lot (Madrid) a virus.”

And any football fan will be well aware of Arsene Wenger’s selective vision. Apparently Wenger watched Kasibian play at The Emirates stadium last summer. When asked what he thought of the gig he replied: “I did not see the incident”.

Rafa Benitez was adamant throughout the Xabi Alonso to Madrid wrangle that his midfield linchpin would be staying. “The situation is clear, we do not want to sell our best players and that includes Xabi” he insisted. A few weeks later Alonso was gone.

Managers and players can just spew bare faced lies to the public who make them millionaires without any guilt or shame. It infuriates supporters who pay through the nose to accommodate lavish lifestyles for false idols who really couldn’t care less about them.

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