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The Magical City Is Not The Noisy Neighbour’s Just Yet

Manchester plays host to one of the greatest rivalries in existence and sets the scene for a ferocious battle for the Premier League top spot.

I just don’t know what it is about that fateful city in the North West, but Manchester has given society some of its greatest gifts known to man. Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and yes, two of the greatest football clubs ever to grace our Saturday afternoons were born within the dusty streets of the great city. Hard to imagine… Isn’t it?

Manchester United is a team that has struck fear into the hearts of its opponents for generations and continues to dominate the top streak of the Premiership to this day. Whether a fan of United or not, it cannot be denied that under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils have seen some of the greatest players in history strut their stuff at Old Trafford, they have claimed more trophies than most teams will ever see, and they have performed some of the most beautiful football ever played.

United fans would be rubbing their hands with glee, if it were not for their formidable neighbours, Manchester City. Manchester City has been tearing up the Premier League faster and with more skill than any others these recent years, with help from players such as Tevez and now Balotelli, the team not only give us great news stories, but play magical football.

Although some may try and argue it, City’s greatness is not just because of their buy out in 2008, money really doesn’t buy you a winning team, much as it grieves me to say it, but you only have to look at Leicester City to see that in football, money alone cant but you success.

It almost doesn’t seem fair that these two teams play little more than a stone’s throw away from each other (maybe more like a golf swing but still..) but within the heart of the city there lies two venues of ridiculous importance to many people (and one of them isn’t the Hacienda club).

Noel Gallagher said that the day his solo album went to number 1 was the happiest of his life. Not because of that however, but because that was the day that Manchester City thrashed United 6 – 1.

It is this passionate Derby that is at the heart of the players every time they step out onto the pitch, and it is not surprising that both the Manchester teams are a good 8 points ahead of anyone else.

Right now all that separates the two clubs are two points, so the race for the title is on, and as this rivalry is no longer a David and Goliath situation, who knows which team will go and grab the top spot this time around. As it stands, Man City are on top, ahead by only two points but with a goal difference of 48, to United’s 37.

Both teams are pretty evenly matched and have been kicking at each other’s heels all season, and with both third in their groups in the Champions League, it is neck and neck to see which team will rise to the top.

Some say this is City’s season, but if history has taught us anything, it is that Manchester United reacts well to a challenge.


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Article title: The Magical City Is Not The Noisy Neighbour’s Just Yet

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