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The Monday Moaner – The Law’s An Ass

Before I start I’ll make something clear again, I love football. It’s footballers and the people who are in charge of football who I f***ing can’t stand.

Sepp Blatter is an arseh*le. Ultimately it is he who decides the updates and revisions of the laws of the game. And he is turning football into a joke. This Premiership weekend just gone saw a number of incident’s contradict the rules that goes to show that even the referee’s struggle to understand the laws.

I’m talking about Tom Huddlestone’s goal and Mikel Arteta’s in the derby. This whole debate on whether a player is active or not active is just ridiculous. After a lengthy discussion with his assistant, Mike Dean allowed Huddelstone’s goal against Fulham on Saturday. If you haven’t seen it go and Youtube it ‘cause it’ll take too long to explain it here. Anyway, the law states you are active if you are interfering with play, interfering with an opponent or gaining an advantage by being in an offside position.

Granted it was a tricky one to decide. For me Gallas was just offside, and though he didn’t touch the ball on the way in I’m of the opinion that he’s got to be involved in play. In the back of Schwarzer’s mind he knows Gallas is there and that he could get to the ball if he wanted to. That alone means he is involved in play. Like I say, it was a difficult one to decide and there are arguments for both sides. But…

The next day at Goodison Park the whole debate was made totally pointless when World Cup final referee Howard Webb and his assistants allowed Arteta’s goal to stand. Arteta hit the ball straight down the middle of the goal and Reina didn’t save it. Why? Because Yakubu was four yards offside and stood right in his way. He even moved out the way of the ball on its way in.

So what is the f***ing point in having a rule like this when even professional referee’s struggle to cope with it? The answer to ninety-nine out of a hundred questions is money. And this is no different. Tools like Blatter, who have little experience of playing football, think goals equals popularity. This rule was designed so more goals would be scored and not disallowed. Their thinking is that if more goals are scored then the games will be more exciting. The more exciting the game is the more interested people become. The more people that become interested in football the more money we make. And it’s nonsense.

Chelsea and Villa played out a 0-0 draw on Saturday and it was exciting.

The game’s gone stupid for me. How can you justify rules that see player’s effing and blinding at the referee getting the same punishment (a yellow card) as a player who takes his shirt off? Or Nigel de Jong not getting cautioned for breaking someone’s leg but if he’d scored and ran into the crowd he’d have received a yellow? It just baffles and infuriates me.

And video technology, Jesus Christ don’t get me started. Too late. It takes a fruit loop to make the best argument for video technology I’ve heard. Just go and watch Ian Holloway’s interview after their game yesterday, everything he said was spot on.

Blatter’s reasoning for technology not being used is that it would have to be used at every level of football and not just the top divisions. Why? So it’s fair to everybody? Football isn’t fair. Do club’s in league two train at state of the art complexes? No. Do all the players have a dozen cars? No. Can the club’s splash out on a new player if things aren’t going well? No. So what the f*** is he talking about?

Money. That’s why technology won’t be brought in. Because if there were never controversial decisions made people would lose interest. That’s the way he and his goons see it.

The only way video technology is going to brought in to football is if someone gets killed directly underneath the crossbar.

I am waiting for the day that Blatter retires or is replaced because as long as that turd is in charge of FIFA the game is going to get more and more stupid.

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Article title: The Monday Moaner – The Law’s An Ass

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