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The New Rooney Set To Snub Spurs

Another day, another kid you’ve never heard of who’s set to take the footballing world by storm. With one hand behind behind his back and a bag over his head.

Recent rumblings, hints and allegations suggested that Conor Wickham former Colchester United and now Ipswich protege is, well was, on the verge of joining Tottenham Hotspur. Then his father entered, stage left.

“Connor’s going nowhere. It’s got nothing to do with money. It’s about backing his development. There is always speculation but that is what it is. Connor has a very good two-year deal at Ipswich, and this is where he’s going to stay.

“His best line of action is to be playing regular first team football, and he’ll be available to do that with Ipswich for the foreseeable future at least.”

My opinion is that Wickham’s dad’s grasp of reality is on a par with say Katie Price or that other idiot that does Iceland ads to fund her charlie habit. And don’t forget, football’s leading attention seeker Roy Keane has yet to really bless us all with his pronouncement on this matter.

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