The North London Derby Online

It’s that time of the season again when the North London Derby comes a knocking and so here at we put two of our top bloggers head to head as see what shakes.

Here then is the NLD online in the shape of Harry Hotspur vs Gunnersphere!

HH Please don’t tell me you’re quietly confident! This is always a massive game and too often Spurs have walked into as the underdogs. Do you think the roles might be reversed for this one?

 GS There are no underdogs on derby day, anything can/will happen. I’ll just leave it at that.

 HH How do you rate your new signings?

 GS I was satisfied. Mertesacker was a good acquisition as he has somewhat solidified our defence (despite our goal difference), he just needs to learn to bend his knees. Santos, from what I’ve seen, looks ok, but needs to curb his attacking intent. I was happy with the signing of Mikel, but he is no Cesc, should of signed him 2 years ago. Benayoun…no comment!

 HH Do you think Arsene handled the transfers of Nasri & Fabregas well?

 GS I honestly think he did. Many will think that we should have got more from the transfers, but when you look at it £25 million for Nasri and £35 (£40 million in the future) for Cesc is pretty good business. At the end of the day Wenger had to let them go, as their hearts weren’t at Arsenal.

 HH Your lot have seen more cards than Clintons in the last few years. Do Arsenal have a disciplinary problem?

 GS Nah, it shows commitment in my book.

 HH Pat Rice. Just between you and me. Is that a syrup?

GS Hahaha!!! It does look like one doesn’t it?

 HH Both of us have been on the end of fierce beatings this season. Is that down to our sides just being poor on the day, or have the Manchester sides actually reached a different level?

 GS A bit of both really. We were absolutely crap against United, but I don’t think they are the team that people are making them out to be. Although, because I think the PL has gone down hill (turned into the La Liga) the title will be contested by City and United this season.

 HH I don’t hate Arsenal quite like some Spurs fans, my irrational contempt is for West Ham. Which side really gets your goat and why?

 SG Sorry mate, it has to be you guys…wouldn’t be a Gooner if it wasn’t.

HH 6 trophy-less years. I recently did a poll with my lot and overwhelmingly they wanted CL footy over any silverware.. Do you think Gooners feel the same way?

 SG I can’t speak for every Gooner out there, but I personally think silverware is a must, especially having gone 6 years without any. Maybe I should run this poll on my site and get back to you.

I know we are only 5-6 Premier league games in to the new season, but how do you think your boys have fared so far? 

I think we’re on our way, thank you very much. Nobody likes getting humiliated and we need to make sure we don’t drop points endlessly against lower league muck as we did last season.

6 games in, 7 points accumulated and 12 conceded, do you think this is the best time to play Arsenal?

In simple terms, we are going to bomb you back to the stone age. 

How’s Europa League treating you this season? Can Defoe make Thursdays?
Jermain is loving Thursdays. Billy and Ade have been so supportive we’re convinced he couldn’t possibly be more primed and ready to rock.
 On a serious note, what are your expectations this year and can you achieve them?
We’re all Champions League focused over here. Our business model has been a crazy club called ‘Woolwich Wanderers’ and we are set upon bettering their record.

Will Modric be leaving in January? 

He has a chicken badge allergy and we have to respect that. He is over the age of consent and will command a fee in excess of £40m so I don’t think he will register on Arsenal’s radar.

Which player(s) should Arsenal fans be most wary of? 

Given their disciplinary record and some seriously naff performances if I was a Gooner, I would be most fearful of the blokes in the red shirts.

Where do you think the game will be won/lost for Spurs? 

We need to prevent you guys from passing and quite simply take the ball, keep it and go for the jugular. I honestly do not think you’ll come out of this in tact.

Is it written in the stars for Adebayor to bag a goal? 

Paddy Power have predicted this mate! Show me a man who wants to bet against a Mick bookie, I’ll show you a fool.

Do you think Bale should audition for the next Planet of the Apes movie? I see he didn’t manage to get into the newest one. 

I am ITK on this mate. Bale’s lawyers prevented his participation in that film as it was largely animated and he has already signed to star in ‘The Hair Bear Bunch’ film as the zoo keeper in charge of Ade, Mickey Hazard and Garth Crooks [cameo role].

The last 3 PL meetings between the two sides have produced 14 goals! Do you, like me, anticipate a high scoring game at WHL? Can we get a prediction on the match?
I am erring on the side of caution. 3 or 4 nil to the Tottingham. This is going to get very very grim for your lot. Arsenal are gonna get whacked. Simply a case of, ‘by how much.’
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