The Premier League’s Outstanding Bargain Of The Season

So we all had our opinions on who was last season’s best premiership player, and iam sure most would have come up with the usual suspects such as Tevez, Bale, van der vaart, Nasri and Vidic.

But what do you look for when you vote for the league’s player of the season. Gareth Bale who was voted player of the season by the P.F.A. was brought for 7million pounds by Tottenham which now seems an absolute bargain, but it has taken him a season or two to reach this level.

He started the first half of last season on fire, but due to injuries he lost his way and his form dipped drastically, but on his day, he is without doubt a world class left sided midfielder.  Some might say Carlos Tevez, who had my vote for last seasons all round player of the year.

Not only is he a gifted footballer, but his desire, his work rate and his commitment to his team is second to none. on top of that he also finished up as the top goal scorer in the premiership alongside Berbatov, and you could go as far as to say, without his goals, Man City would have probably not finished in the top 4.

But when you look at the transfer fee of 47 million pounds, which was supposed to have been paid by Man City for him, you would expect and hope to get that type of return for a player of that value. The other players such as Nasri and Van der vaart lacked Consistency, and this showed towards the end of the season, Nemanja Vidic was voted player of the season by the Barclays Premier league, and many would not have argued with this, as he was arguably the best defender in the league last season, and played in almost all of Man Utd’s games.

In most cases it’s a player who plays for one of the big teams that gets the end of season awards. Now if where going to talk about bargains of the season, I am going to throw two names in to the hat, One of them will not come as a surprise to any of you Javier Hernandez aka Chícharito, at 6millions pounds and in his first season was a sensation with 13 goals.

Breaking in to the first team and becoming a regular starter towards the second part of last season Man Utds team, demoting Berbatov to the subs bench.

But my Bargain of last season would be Peter Odemwingie, 15 goals in his first season in the English Premier league with 9 assists, and all this with a team who finished in the lower half of the league and at one point were in danger of relegation. W.B.A paid a fee reported to be £2.5 million pounds, and plying his trade in a team with average players compared to the big teams.

A move to Arsenal was rumoured to be on the books for around £4million pounds, before the deal broke down over personal terms, it seems like he will be playing for W.B.A. for another season at least, but if he can produce the same form again in his second season, than a move to one of the bigger teams in the league would surely come.

Its no secret that Tottenham are looking for a striker,so why not take a risk on him, and  apart from the rumours about the Arsenal bid, he seems to have gone unnoticed, it’s possible one or two of the bigger teams in the premiership don’t want to take a risk on him just yet, but would he really be a risk at £4 million pounds. I think not.

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