Aston Villa

The Primate Predictor – Can You Beat The Monkey?

Premiership predictor games are good fun but they can get a bit boring in terms of watching your points drift and seeing your name ebb ever closer to the ‘contact us’ lettering at the foot of the web page.

The Primate Predictor is just for fun. No leagues, in fact no record keeping! Charlie the Chimp rattles through the days guessing the results of today’s games and picks his banker. Can you beat the monkey?

Aston Villa vs Wolves

Alex McLeish is a man viewed largely with distrust by lots of people he has to travel past on the way to work. By stark contrast, Mick McCarthy could probably knock on any door in in Wolverhampton and be invited in for a warm meal and a kind word. Prediction 1-2

Wigan vs QPR

Neil Warnock’s hoopy loopy army are officially on the march after a really very credible win at Goodison. That and a human being now involved back in the running of their club, the feel good factor is tangible. Wigan? Wigan have it all too do as they say. Prediction 0-1

Blackburn vs  Everton

The Glamour Tie. Blackburn are rapidly beginning to live up to the heavily tipped rumour they have a date with destiny aka the Championship. Everton may have bought nobody in this window, but they still have a tight crew of players who have been linked incessantly with everyone. Prediction 1-2

Swansea vs Sunderland

I like Swansea. They play nice football. A classic example of an unfinished article, but they have done excellently with the resources to hand. Sunderland have seriously rebuilt. So this  believe it or not could be the standout tie on today’s card. Prediction 2-2

Liverpool vs Bolton

Liverpool are looking to move through the gears I guess. None of their big signings have exactly set the world alight so far. Will Bolton oblige? Difficult to imagine they will. They were soundly beaten by City but played with great heart. Struggling to see the Pool having this all their own way. Prediction 2-1

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