The Secret Diary of Liverpool’s Alberto Aquilani – 6/01/10

Alberto Aquilani Mercoledì 6 Gennaio – Wednesday 6th January
Felice Anno Nuovo.

I cannot believe it, what is with all this cold weather? I do not like the snow, it is not good for my hair, it makes it go all dry. I think I need to go back to Roma where the weather is warm and the women are beautiful.

I have had very quiet week, training has been all inside in the warm gym, I am lucky my gaffer Rafa, is from Spain so he no like the cold weather either, Maybe we could be friends after all, I don’t think so though… I played on the bench again, it was even in the Coppa FA I think, I did come on for David N’Gog, he is rubbish. I was much better, I changed the game and create many many chances for my team mates, but they do not understand me yet, I am on a high footballing level.

I have a good new year as well, I hope every one of my fans done as well. I wanted to have nice meal with wine and family to my house, but Jamie Carragher, he said we have to go and lash – I think this is what he say, I can never be sure, he is like special person.

I also learned some of the ‘scouse’, when I was sitting next to Jay Spearing he taught me some new words, he say we can be ‘bezzie’ friends, this means we are best friends (I don’t know about that). He also say to the women that they are ‘berds’? I have no idea, but I try it anyway. I got a slap.

I am off to my sauna, there are many of my girls there and I have to entertain then, ciao ciao.

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