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The Top 4 From The Perspective Of An Everton Fan

NB: Some of this is wishful thinking.  Some of this is based on bias.  Some of this based on hatred and some of this is based on what may actually happen according to form, quality and consistency.

Chelsea – You simply can’t see past anyone beating Chelsea to the title, given their overall quality, knack for grinding results when they have to and their spending power if necessary.  Also, their first XI, their squad and the manager deserve a mention.  In truth though it doesn’t matter, as it’s not going to be Everton.

Arsenal – The team that most neutrals would actually like to see do well, mostly because of the way they try to play the game.  However, the fact that they’re not good enough and usually meltdown around February following a nasty man trying to tackle one of Arsene’s young protégés means that this will never happen.  Also, their goalkeeper doesn’t help.

Man Utd – They’re never going to finish out of the top 3 but it’s nice to imagine that Rooney will never win another trophy as he searches for his Holy Grail of a world where lucrative contracts, ageing hookers and referees that always give him what he wants, exists.

Everton – It happened once in 2005.  And then it all amounted to nothing thanks to a tough Champions League seeding and qualifying draw the next season, Villlareal and Pierluigi Collina and that night in Bucharest.  Following a steady progression from 6th to two 5th place finishes in 2008 and 2009, the typical slow start to a season has meant that Moyes’ boys haven’t been able to replicate former glories.

(Note:  This is all based on the assumption that Abu Dhabi FC (Man City) go out of business, Spurs get distracted by the Champions League that they’re obviously going to win, Villa get done by Houllier and that team in red don’t exist. )

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Article title: The Top 4 From The Perspective Of An Everton Fan

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