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The Triesman Debacle

On Sunday the sting was set, Triesman was trapped and England’s World Cup bid was irreparably harmed. Once again, the British press has proved that it has an impeccable ability to cause England to self-destruct.

The kiss-and-tell story which appeared in the The Sunday Mail this weekend almost bordered on masochism, public self-flagellation and single-handedly and somewhat diabolically destroyed what would have been a significant boost to the national economy and an immeasurable boon to culture and the future of grass-roots football.

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Apparently, it’s a sacrifice that a failing newspaper is more than willing to take to provide a temporary boost to sales figures.

Of course, Lord Triesman’s position is undefendable and his position became untenable. He was right to leave after the events had happened. The English bid delegates can also be pleased with the haste at which the whole predicament was resolved But why on earth was Lord Triesman ever put in such a situation anyway?

It’s a disgusting example of the British press’ love of scandal and, collectively as a country, of self-deprecation. Whenever things seem to be going right, the instinct is to knock someone right back down via any means necessary, including underhanded subterfuge.

Of course, it’s an absolute certainty that when the cameras are off and colloquial supersedes formal in any environment anywhere in the world things are said haphazardly as jokes between colleagues and friends that have no substantial content in them other than to lighten a mood over a bottle of wine. That’s just how the social world works.

Who hasn’t said something after a couple of drinks that they wish they hadn’t? Who hasn’t quipped in confidence something that they wouldn’t repeat in a formal context?

The difference, between England and the rest of the world, is that if you’re a substantial person of any dignity you can sure as hell bet there’s a newspaper snooping around paying over the odds to rat out or misconstrue any utterance you fail to suppress in a moment of jovial weakness.

I can only imagine that to top this The Mail will have to forcibly push the Queen down a flight of stairs and record and publish the profanities she yelps as she picks herself up.

Fingers crossed she says something about Diana eh?

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Article title: The Triesman Debacle

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