The worst XI in the history of Arsenal Football Club

Sometimes when you sign a player, it isn’t quite what you hoped for and the same is the case for a promising youngster who never quite reaches their full potential. For Arsenal it’s no different and they’ve had their far share of lost causes.

Whilst fans this season will condemn poor performances and declare that Mathieu Flamini is the worst player to ever play for the club, on the grand scheme of things he’s not as bad as many argue and, come the end of this article, Flamini may end up looking like Lionel Messi.

This is it, the worst Arsenal team that could ever be assembled into one lacklustre side. If the Gunners did play all of these players at once, there might just have been a side in the Premier League worst than Aston Villa.

Hit the image below to see the WORST Arsenal XI of all-time!


Arsenal 1


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