Thierry Henry Return? MISTAKE

When I said I’d love to see a former Arsenal legend back at the Emirates this season, I didn’t expect it to be someone who is still playing football.

Thierry Henry has been rumoured to be returning to Arsenal on a two month loan deal next month before the MLS season restarts.

The 34-year-old is apparently being seen as the ideal replacement or substitute for Robin van Persie, asArsene Wenger looks to protect the Dutchman from injury or tiredness.

Though former Gunner Stewart Robson believes the return of Henry could disturb the team’s chemistry:

‘I don’t think Thierry Henry’s return is the right thing for Arsenal.

‘Arsenal are doing well at the moment and Robin van Persie is playing in the form of his life. To bring Henry back and the ego that he’s certainly got, I don’t think it would be a good thing for Arsenal.

‘He tried it with Jens Lehmann, Manuel Almunia had just started to play well and he brought Lehmann in, the pressure was then on Almunia and he started to play poorly again.

‘A lot of the younger players won’t be pleased with Thierry Henry if he does go back. I’ve spoken to a lot of them and they say when he was last there he didn’t train properly, he almost tried to run the club and they were unhappy.’

He concluded:

‘If you need to go and get somebody on loan then go and get them from somewhere else but don’t bring back the old players. I think it’s always a mistake to bring back players for a second time.’

To be honest, I think Robson has a point. But in the case of Almunia, he doesn’t. The ageing Spaniard never did manage to put a good enough run of consistency in goal for us, hence his omission from the team. As for Henry not training properly I’m not entitled to comment on, as I don’t know what he does in Colney. However, I do agree that Henry’s possible return would not benefit the team at all. But as a coach, it would be wonderful to see.

If Arsene Wenger wants to protect Van Persie from injury, then why not go out and get Lukas Podolski or Roberto Soldado? Both are in excellent form and would be ideal replacements for the Dutch striker.

Yes Van Persie has been in great form, though I believe his excellent form has played a role in his failure to score goals as of late as he looks to break the total goals scored in a calendar year record.

Had we had a striker like Podolski or Soldado on the bench, I’m sure they would have brought enhanced our results and goal tally, unlike Marouane Chamakh and Andrey Arshavin, who have all but fizzled out.

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